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Transfers into Meteors

Please note, that requesting a transfer does not automatically mean that you have been granted one.  There is a process that takes place which is:


1.  If you are transferring from another club and are currently registered with PlayHQ, the transferring player must first make contact with the club secretary of Mt Evelyn Meteors to let them know that they are wishing to transfer into the club. You can contact the club secretary via email or via phone 0428 210 869.


2. Approval by the Club Coordinators (Boys/Girls) (as we can only accept one transfer per age group, per grade). This process is for all junior clubs. Once you have been given approval that we can accept you.


3.  The player the wishing to transfer, must then initiate the transfer on their own PlayHQ profile account. 


4.  Approval for the transfer is then sent to your current club.

5.  Approval by the Kilsyth Domestic Basketball Association (KDMA) and then

6. Final approval by Mt Evelyn Meteors.

7. Once transfer has gone through, you will receive an email letting you know that it has gone through from PlayHQ and that you can register to Mt Evelyn Meteors.


Thank you for your time, and we look forward to having you on board at the Mt.Evelyn Meteors Basketball Club.

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