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Club History

In May, 1980, there were approximately twenty local teams playing basketball independently in various competitions in the area.  At a dinner party attended by Norm and Mary Smith, Roger and Jan Alderman and Steve and Helen Higgins, a discussion took place regarding coordinating these teams.  It was decided to hold a public meeting, and, soon after, the Mt Evelyn Basketball Club was formed.  The Club aimed to coordinate the game locally for the benefit of all its players.

Teams were originally entered in the Knox Amateur Basketball Association and played at Boronia stadium, but the Club later joined the Kilsyth and Mountain District Basketball Association and played at the more convenient Kilsyth stadium.

Originally, Mt. Evelyn played as the “Cobras”, but on moving to Kilsyth had to find another name, as the representative side of Kilsyth Basketball is named “Kilsyth Cobras”.
It was then that the MT. EVELYN METEORS BASKETBALL CLUB came into being.

For its first Junior season (Summer 1980/’81) the Club fielded 4 Girls’ teams and 3 Boys’ teams.  Basketball was one of the fastest growing sports in Australia during the 1980s and we grew to be one of the strongest and most successful clubs in the district.

The original uniform was blue shorts and a maroon singlet.  The current maroon with white and grey pinstripe was introduced in 1995, with both the shorts and top carrying our flaming meteor emblem.

The attendees at the dinner party all those years ago would never have imagined what their discussion went on to produce. 


From all of us at Mt. Evelyn Meteors Basketball Club – thank you very much!

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