Firstly, and probably most importantly, thank you for taking on the important role of being a team manager. Your contribution and support of the players and coach is vital to the success of the team and our club.


These are the basics...


1)Please contact the coach and all your players as soon as possible.

Advise them of their new team, training time and venue and the time and place of the first game.

Check the players’ details (D.O.B. etc.) and advise your Convenor of any changes.


2)Give players your phone number. Advise them to contact you ASAP if they will be unable to train or play (e.g. because of illness.)


3)Check the players singlet numbers. If there are any the same, contact Peter Petrov, Uniform Manager (mobile 0400 097 535).


4)Make up a roster for scoring. Each team needs to provide a competent scorer each game, but this is not a difficult task and is easily learnt by any one new to basketball. To spread the load, it is strongly recommended that you roster each family to the task. There is an example of a scoring roster in the Team Pack which you can use if you wish. If you need assistance with scoring the Boys Secretary can provide information to help.

5)Check your fixture a week ahead. If you are playing against another Mt Evelyn team, the team that is listed first will have to contact the Convenor to organize Alt tops


6)At least 10 minutes before the game, pay for the game at the stadium desk. Be ready at your court’s computer as soon as the previous game finishes. When the ref has brought your game up on the screen, check that all your players are listed with their correct singlet numbers. If you have a new or fill-in player, enter their details –name, D.O.B., postcode, singlet number. If they are a new player, ensure they are a K&MDBA member. If not, ask them to fill in a membership form and pay the fee at the desk.


7)Ensure your scorers check that the refs have ticked the names of the players who are present at the game at halftime. (Their names will remain on the screen.) Being checked off will go towards qualifying for finals. (Players need to have played at least 50% of the season’s games to qualify.)


8)The clock stops in the last 3 mins of the last half for all grades U12-U21


9)Ask the players if they expect to be absent for a game. If several will be absent for a particular game e.g. camp or concert (and we know in advance i.e. at the start of the season), we may be able to ask for a bye for that week.


10)If you are going to be short of players (e.g. illness or injury) contact your convenor. S/he may be able to organize a fill-in. There are rules regarding fill-in players eligibility and you must check with your convenor. If a player is deemed illegal your team will lose that game.

14)As Team Manager you need to pay for the Team sheet for each game, Miniball (u7) $77.00, Juniors U8-U10 $84.00, U11 $86.00, U12-U18 $88.00 & U21 $77.00.  The club suggests setting a figure between $10-$16 per week (depending on the number of players in your team), to cover absent players throughout the season or medallions and breakups at seasons end. You can ask that parents pay a number of weeks in advance, possibly even the whole season (it’s up to you and the parents to make this decision). Keep a record of money paid by players and of outgoings. Discuss with players/parents what to do with left-over money (e.g. end of season team dinner or outing, gift for the coach, trophies for all players.) P.S.If any player drops out during any stage of the season, please let your age level convenor know immediately. Also, if one of your players has a friend who wishes to join the Club, please tell the age level convenor or the Club Secretary

15)It is strongly recommended that you check the Kilsyth website the day before your game and send a text (or set up a social media site) to parents with game time and location as these do change without warning.